IoT/Embedded Device Hacking


Join our international IoT/Embedded Device Hacking Training in Malaysia and learn from world class experts!

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  • Venue: Bayan Baru, Penang
  • Date:    December 18-22, 2017 (5 days)
  • Time:   9.00am – 5.00pm

Embedded and IoT device hacking is growing concern across the globe. However If you have never had any experience in reverse engineering or embedded system hacking, you might be afraid of getting started in.
This training course is designed to help people working in the information security industry to learn basic knowledge needed to hack and reverse-engineer embedded system. The training covers embedded device hacking with UART/JTAG, dumping/parsing/extracting/analyzing firmware image, modifying firmware, detecting/analyzing embedded malware, discovering/exploiting vulnerabilities in firmware, and wireless hacking using SDR

Come, join us to learn the art of IoT hacking and security!

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Course Outline:

  • Hunting for UART ports
  • Hacking Embedded Device with JTAG
  • Firmware Acquisition
  • Firmware Unpacking
  • Basics of Reverse Engineering ARM/MIPS Code
  • Embedded Device Vulnerability Assessment
  • Introduction to Side Channel Analysis Attack
  • Modifying Firmware for Fun and Profit
  • Hacking Wireless Network


Prerequisite Knowledge and Requirements:

  • Should be familiar with using Windows, Linux and VMWare
  • Should have an understanding of programming concepts, but programming experience is not mandatory
  • Background knowledge in reverse code engineering and vulnerability assessment will be helpful, but not required
  • Enthusiasm is a must


Who Should Attend:

Professionals who are working in information security industry and interested to expand their hacking and reverse engineering skills in IoT/embedded device.


What attendees should prepare:
• Laptop with minimum 4GB RAM, 50GB free hard disk space, and 2 USB Ports.
•VMWare Workstation or VMWare Fusion. Trial version of the VMware workstation or fusion would be
okay. But VMware player and VirtualBox are not recommended.


What will be offered to attendees:

  • Training materials
  • Lab instruction note
  • Videos used in the course
  • Linux virtual machine image containing necessary tools
  • Various tools and devices used in hand-on practice


Trainer Profile:

Tae-il Kim – Founder & CEO of Core Security (Korea)

Tae-il has about 20 years’ extensive lecturer experience in information security industry since 1999. He is one of the most famous instructors in Korea. He has lectured about reverse engineering, penetration testing, digital forensics, exploit writing, and embedded device hacking at Korean government agencies (Korea National Police Agency, Korea Internet Security Agency, Ministry of National Defense, Cyber Command, Republic of Korea Army, and so on) and the international institute and companies (Philippine Interpol, Hyundai Motor Group, LG Electronics, Samsung Advanced Technology Training Institute, and
so on).

He has participated in a lot of conferences as a speaker such as Solaris Tech Day, PADOCON, and National information security conference. He has also participated in training section of 2013 OWASP AppSec 2013 Asia and CodeGate as a mentor.

His expert area is in digital forensics, reverse engineering, hardware hacking, security incident response, embedded system security, security development lifecycle, and firmware reverse engineering. This came from his continuous research on Information security. And he has certifications such as CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker), EC-Council Certified Security Analyst, CHFI(Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator), and CEI(Certified EC-Council Instructor from ECCouncil). Also, he can speak English as well as Korean

He received the minister citation in technology protection from 2015 renovation of small medium business technology completion and appreciation plaque for contribution to investigation techniques from Korean police investigation academy at September 2012


Genie ChoeResearcher of CoreSecurity (KOREA)

Genie Choe has been researching in various information security field such as Malware Analysis, Network Security, and Operation System Vulnerability.

Not only she achieved excellent performance on IoT security area but also she sincerely has been willing to share her knowledge to contribute securing industries. So she has been training IT specialists in various countries. She opened an Embedded device hacking course in Mahidol University, the top university in Thailand. She delivered her knowledge successfully to participants from government organizations, national banks, militaries and police departments.

Choe has been highly involved in development of Virtualized Cyber Security Training System with KISA (Korea Internet and Security Agency) & CoreSecurity and also teaching in Universities in Korea. She has participated in conferences hosted by research institute for IT as a speaker.


Seats are limited. Reserve your seat now!



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