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What Makes This Training So Different?


We assess your digital assets to find vulnerabilities

Train you to fix

Secure your digital assets


Security Assessment With Analysis Report

No other training providers did this before and we are the first! Prior to the training, ZEBRAGUARD | Scan security engineers will conduct a digital assets security assessment and provide a security analysis report on your digital assets.

Understanding Your Digital Assets

You will get a clear understanding on the security and the hidden risks of your digital assets.

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Actual training

Hands-on Session

You will learn and improve your technical skills to test and secure your network, web application or mobile application.


You will have the opportunity to focus and get professional consultation from trainer based on the challenges you face in the security analysis report on your digital assets.

Real-world Scenario Lab

You will practise and sharpen your skills by applying it in real-world scenarios set in InfoRisk 360° security lab.


Skills Application

You will be able to understand and fix the vulnerabilities of your digital assets listed in the security analysis report.

Mastering Information Security

You will be able to master advanced techniques to secure and conduct security assessment on digital assets


Condition Zebra’s InfoRisk 360°  Professional Training emphasize on proactive and dynamic learning environment for InfoSec professionals which differentiate this suite of training services from other training courses found in the market.

We are the first training and certification company specializes in courseware development, curriculum design, and delivering hands-on trainings that is equip with vulnerability assessment, as well as real-world learning experience with customized scenario set in InfoRisk 360° security lab, through channel delivery and our own professional learning center.

 Top Information Security Training:




Advanced Web Hacking & Defense

This class is a combination of lecture, security testing and code review. You will learn the most common threats against applications. More importantly, you will learn how to design and code secure web solutions via defense-based code samples, an exploration into the use of third-party security libraries and secure design review. Throughout the training, you will be exposed to shows how web application vulnerabilities can be exploited and learn to conduct web application risk assessment. This web application security training will help you learn key concepts in website security, the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and beyond.


Mobile Security & Hacking

This Mobile Hacking and Security training exposes the mobile hacking techniques and countermeasures for iOS and Android. Throughout the 4-day session, you will also get to practise how to analyze and evaluate mobile app threats as well as exploring how the attackers identify weaknesses. This intensive mobile hacking training is designed to equip you with the required knowledge and skills in securing mobile devices, mobile applications and mobile networks of their organization. You will also gain a deeper understanding on how to conduct mobile penetration testing and how to support BYOD infrastructures.


Network Security & Penetration Testing

This network security course fully arms you to address the information security concerns within the organization for data protection. You will gain in-depth understanding on the network hacking tools usage and how to conduct the network penetration testing in a careful, and professional manner. This course will also demonstrates various network hacking techniques as well as penetration testing methodologies to help you identify network security vulnerabilities.

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